Clean sweep for Brad van Liew!

 Congratulations to Quantum® customer Brad Van Liew, on Le Pingouin on his fantastic victory in the Velux Five Oceans Ultimate Solo Challenge. Le Pingouin was named the winner at 20.52.55 local time Friday, May 27th,13 days after leaving Charleston, South Carolina for the final leg. Van Liew, overall champion and winner of all five ocean sprints, credits Quantum Sails for helping to take his campaign to “a new level of performance.”

In an interview conducted by Quantum Charleston’s John Bowden just before the start of the final spring, Van Liew acknowledged Quantum’s membrane technology as being a key component of his winning campaign. “We have all the latest laminated technology .....

"We have all the latest laminated technology on the boat and we were able to do that feeling comfortable that the durability would be there. What that means is you don’t compromise shape as you put thousands and thousands of miles on the boat. The working sails up forward look as good as the day we took them out of the bag. Working with Quantum on this campaign has been fantastic all along the way.”

This is Van Liew’s third, single-handed, round-the-world event and second time with Quantum® sails. He was sailing the Quantum®-equipped Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America when he claimed a round-the-world victory in 2003. “Back then,” says Van Liew, “we were essentially using high-performance cruising sails made of woven Spectra. They were bomb-proof and did the job very well.” Based on that experience and Quantum’s work in the Open 50 and 60 classes and TP52s, Van Liew says the team decided to re-engage with Quantum.

Citing the reliability of Quantum’s advanced membrane technology, Van Liew specified Fusion M® membrane sails with a Carbon/Twaron fiber blend. The sails were developed with Quantum’s iQ Technology® and manufactured at Quantum facilities in Malaysia, Spain and the US. The membrane sails feature the same, high-quality laminate made for all Fusion M® sails plus an offshore finishing package calling for specially engineered details to withstand the rigors of round-the-world sailing.

More photos and Part II of the interview with Brad Van Liew will be posted on the Quantum News Page:



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